Ed Arkell talks ground

Ed Arkell, Clerk of the Course at Goodwood, said: “The ground has just quickened up a little from yesterday and we are now Good, Good to Firm in places. The GoingStick reading has come up from 6.9 to 7.3, which tallies with a moisture loss of 4%. We are very happy with where we are.

“There is fresh ground on the straight. We took the fourth rail down that runs from the winning post up to around the three and a half-furlong marker. This gives about a three-yard strip of fresh ground on the inside. The fourth rail on both bends will come down tonight.

“The weather has been quite similar to last year, with a good dose of rain just before the meeting. For Tuesday’s racing, I could have done without the 2.5 millimetres of rain we had on Monday, but I knew I would be grateful for it later in the week. It has got us this far and we will have to see what we will do later in the week.

“If possible, I don’t want to water overnight but I also don’t want to be in the situation tomorrow night where I have to water everything if it does get really quick. We will see how the course rides today and look at the times and we will do another GoingStick reading after the Qatar Nassau Stakes [3.15pm]. We will then make a decision about watering – I always try to avoid watering during a meeting but today is going to be warm and tomorrow is going to be warmer. Saturday is looking a little more overcast which will help.

“Yesterday’s Qatar Sussex Stakes was a great race and lived up to its promise – so often races fall a bit short when they have been over-hyped.

“Today’s Qatar Nassau Stakes is my favourite race of the meeting and looks really strong.”